Bizarre Bazaar/ Bitz Trading and Barter

Do you have extra gaming stuff you want to sell or trade?  How about treasures you’re looking for?  Come set up shop at Dragon-Fall and peddle your wares!

On Saturday Oct.3rd, Dragon-Fall will become a trader’s market for extra

Bitz, out of print items and more!


Here are the details- Saturday 7PM-10PM

Same ballroom as our events are held.

All Dragon-Fall players will be offered table space for free to display their items.

These tables are available on a first come first serve basis!

Everyone participating in the Bizarre Bazaar and Open Gaming must have a Badge Pass.

All other times of the weekend, guests may view our events for free.

Barters and Trades must be held in the ballroom of the event, as there will be other events running in the hotel at the time of our convention.  Guests will not be allowed to sell their merchandise in the Hotel Lobby.

I for one will be bringing lots of old pewter mini’s for trade!

Just one more way we are planning to have a great time in October.