DragonFall @Home Event Announcement

We are excited to announce our plans for a Virtual DragonFall this year. 

This idea is founded with the concept of doing something for our gaming community and Charitable Efforts, that is both informative and entertaining the normal weekend of our Convention.

Right now we are planning the following:

  • Commentary from some of the top players and personalities from the Tabletop Wargaming Community
  • Virtual roleplaying thought apps like D20
  • Live Streams of tabletop wargaming.
  • Virtual tournaments on Tabletop simulator
  • A Celebrity Dungeons and Dragons live stream.
  • Our normal charity raffles, reformatted for digital consumption.
  • But by far the thing that we are most excited about is our Virtual Armies on Display contest, the winner of which will be announced on DragonFall weekend.

In short, it will be an exciting and action-packed weekend.  So get your computer monitor and webcams ready, DragonFall 2020 @Home is happening.

We will have more announcements in the weeks ahead, and which we will be updating on our social platforms.  Please subscribe to those to stay in touch with the latest.

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