40K ITC Event Discussions – E08 - Gary Frank, our 40K ITC judge, discusses the upcoming event with Mike.  Check out this episode!
Bolt Action Discussions – E07 - This week we talk with Chris Paul our Bolt action judge for Dragon Fall 2017. Check out this episode!
A discussion about the 40K Narrative and Team events – E06 - A discussion with Ken Miller, our 40K Narrative event and 40K Team Judge. Check out this episode!
Summer Movies and Conventions – E05 - We continue our discussions of the summer movie season as well as this summer’s conventions. Check out this episode!
Of FAQs and Geeks – 04 - On this week’s episode, Mike answers some frequently asked questions about Dragon Fall this year, and then he and producer Eric recap some of their favorite summer 2017 geek media, including comics and TV. Check out this episode!
Raffle Army, X-wing Narrative ,and More – 03 - Conversation with Mike Butcher on his commission raffle army,  and his X-wing narrative event on Friday night Dragon-Fall.   Check out this episode!
Gaming News and Dragon-Fall Updates – 02 - This week, we review what you can expect from the podcast. We cover some gaming news, specifically Clive Minderson talk about the WizK!ds Heroclix 15th anniversary. Finally, Mike interviews Alex Gonzalez the Dragon-Fall’s Age of Sigmar judge. Check out this episode!
Introductions, Dragon-Fall, and 40K – 01 - This week we launch the new podcast and introduce ourselves. We discuss the launch of 8th edition of Warhammer 40k, and talk about this year’s Dragon-Fall event. Check out this episode!