Dragon Fall 2019


We are excited to bring you the Midwest’s Premiere Table Top and Digital Gaming Event for our fifth consecutive year. Located in the Chicago suburb of Elmhurst, this multi-system event runs three days.

Held at the Waterford Banquet and Convention Center off Route 83 about a mile from Oak Brook Mall. Events will run Friday October 25th through Sunday October 27st.

This year we have so much to offer! Our table top events are back and include five Warhammer 40k events, Age of Sigmar, Kings of War, Bolt Action, and Infinity! We’ve also added RPG including Pathfinder, D&D, and Shadowrun! Finally, we are expanding our digital offereings … stay tuned for more! 

The Dragon Slayer painting competition returns for it’s third year and we have expanded our extensive list of hobby seminars!

Events and Activities

Table Top

Infinity ITS

Age of Sigmar Doubles

Age of Sigmar Two Day Tournament

Kings of War Speed Tournament

Warhammer 30K Championship

Warhammer 40K Championship

Warhammer 40K Doubles Friendly Two Day

Warhammer 40K Narrative

Warhammer 40K Combat Patrol

Warhammer 40K Gentleman’s Tourney

Kings of War Ultimate Power Gamer Tournament


9th Age Double Dragon

9th Age Championship

Flames of War One Day Tournament

Bolt Action Champioship

Team Yankee One Day Tournament

Dragon Slayer Painting Competition

Hobby Seminars and Classes



Dungeons and Dragons


Submit an event and find the full RPG Schedule here