Dragon Fall 2019




Shoshie Bauer

Shoshie Bauer is a internationally known award winning painter and teacher. Shoshie received her BA in Studio-art and painted professional watercolors prior to switching to miniatures full time in 2013. In 2013 she received her Reaper Bones 1 Kickstarter rewards which jumpstarted her obsession with miniature painting into a full time career. She was further encouraged when she won awards at Privateer Press’s P3 Grandmaster Painting competition and Best in Show at Con on the Cob in 2014. Since then she has placed with several competitions with medals and awards at shows such as Crystal Brush and World Expo. She has taken classes from many international award winning painters. Since then Shoshie has cultivated a wide social media presence and begun sharing her knowledge through both live-streaming on Twitch and teaching at workshops what she has learned.  

Drew Drescher

Drew began his journey of miniature painting on a trip to Disneyland in his youth where he discovered WEG Star Wars Miniatures Battles.  He has painted competitively for over 15 years, earning numerous Golden Demon and Crystal Brush awards in addition to various other competitions.  Drew currently operates a modest studio catering to private collectors and companies such as Pandasaurus Games, Ninja Division, and CMoN.



Anthony Wang

Anthony Wang is a Chicago-based award-winning painter who is passionate about growing and helping others grow as painters. Anthony helps students develop their own sense of style by expanding their toolkit and mindset in painting. Anthony loves to paint miniatures that speak tothe human experience, which allows him to bring out the emotions of a miniature, diorama, or bust through dramatic lighting, color choice, and dynamic contrast. Anthony has won several painting awards at competitions such as Crystal Brush, Massive Voodoo Bananalicious, World Expo, variousmilitary historical modeling societies, and won P3’s Grandmaster title. Putty&Paint Instagram: anthonywang.art

John McAvoy

John’s passion for miniature painting began 5 years ago, just for fun.  After a while, John’s miniatures started to become noticed by others for his creative ability and style with an airbrush.   His miniatures started to sell on EBay, and soon after the business known as Wicked Gaming Studios took off.  What started as a small table in the basement turned into a full-blown studio with multiple artists, and thousands of completed commissions.  Most of the time you will find John in the studio working on commissions, projects, and charity work.  John is also a certified Badger artist and instructor. 



Preston Bernard

Preston Bernard is an up-and-coming artist in the tabletop gaming community. Three years ago, he found a position as a full time painter with White Metal Games, and has since become the Artistic Director for the company. He is always looking to challenge himself with interesting painting schemes, busts, and dioramas. Preston is a driven and talented artist whose long term goal is to become a leading name in the industry. Outside of painting, he enjoys wargaming, DMing and playing in tabletop rpgs, video games, and attending electronic music festivals and shows. You can find more of his work on his new Instagram, @prestonsvalues.


Ryan Maloney

Ryan is an avid gamer and hobbyist with a decade of experience building and painting miniatures. As a resident artist at White Metal Games for the past two years, he has expanded his talent exponentially and contributed to multiple award-winning armies. Through his gaming, his experience as a Dungeon Master, and his work on his miniatures, Ryan strives to bring about a captivating narrative. He believes that each miniature should not only have a fantastic paint job, but that it should also tell a story about where the figure has been and what is going on around it.