Dark Age Team Tournament

Dark Age - Friends of My Enemies Tournament - $10.00

Dark Age

Saturday Night

6:00 pm - Check-in
6:30 pm - Dice Roll/Round One Starts
8:15 pm - Round Two Starts
10:00 pm - Round Three Starts
11:45 pm - Round Four Starts
12:15 am - Approximate Awards

Age Requirements: Over 16


Dark Age Friends of my Enemies team tournament. This will be a 750 point team tournament with 3 rounds and no side bars.


Tournament Rules:

Army Creation:

You and a teammate each make a 375 point list. Each army may be from any faction. If both players select the same faction then both armies are subject to a combined availability for profiles. In game play goes as if both players were one. Teammates treat each other's forces as friendly.


Tournament Missions:

Missions will be randomly selected at the event.