Welcome to the inaugural Squadron Cup!

The second round of the Squadron Cup is in the books and Gold Squadron was out in force! With two events left, there is still plenty of chances to score. Get out to Dragon Fall 2016 and show your colors!  Who’s name is going on the cup?


Current Standings

Gold Squadron – 205 pts

Black Squadron  – 85 pts

Twisted Troop –  15 pts

Olmrec Squadron – 10 pts

Iron Horse Squadron – 5 pts



Match 1finals_cropped

May 22, 2016 at Pheasant Run Resort

This is a standard dog fight of 100 points. We will play 4 or 5 rounds of Swiss parings based on the number of attendees, and cut to a 4 player elimination playoff.



  1. Ryan Hickey – Black Squadron
  2. Jon Babcock – Unalligned
  3. Francois Morey – Gold Squadron
  4. Al Lakatos – Gold Squadron


  1. Black Squadron 65
  2. Gold Squadron 60
  3. Twisted Troop 15
  4. Olmrec Squadron 10
  5. Iron Horse Squadron 5






Match 2

TBD – We expect this to occur in July. Is there a format that you like more than Dog Fight? Lets us know! 

Points will be awarded to each squadron as follows:

Match Scoring

Elimination Scoring

We will take the top 5 scores per squadron.  In case of tie, only the top 5 scores will be calculated.


Match 3 and 4

Matches 3 and 4 will be held at Dragon-Fall 2016 October 15 and 16th at Pheasant Run Resort

Day 1 will be a Dog Fight and Day 2 will be a team Dog Fight.

We will award the Squadron Cup to the squadron that captures the most points across all 4 matches.