Q – I have questions about specific events where do I find them?

A –  Most events have specific FAQs and detailed rules they can be found on the event page:

Warhammer 40K

Warmachine / Hordes

Warhammer 8th Edition

Age of Sigmar




Q – I am going to Dragon-Fall, why do I need to pay for a badge?

A – Because of our multi- event format, you can sign up for more than 1 event. This helps us from an organization perspective to better help us run things smoothly.


Q – Do I have to pay for a badge, if I would just like to watch?

A – No, entrance is free to all non-players. Only event holders have to have a badge.

Our event is not really designed for spectating. You are a gamer- sign up for an event. Some are only $15 bucks. You have to play to win our excellent awards and give aways!


Q – I am going to be staying at the hotel, how does the reduced rate work?

A – Call the Marriot in Naperville Marriott Chicago Naperville. Tell them that you want a reduced rate for the Dragon-Fall event. We have a block of rooms available.


Q – Why are you discounting events through the end of August?

A – Being our first year, we are offering the incentive discount for those players who are on the fence of attending or not. Now there is no reason not to sign up!


Q – I signed up prior to the incentive pricing, what happens to me?

A – We appreciate you signing up early, and we will be crediting the difference back to you based on the August Incentive price. You will be getting money back!


Q – We really like the Dragon-Fall pint glass, but signed up prior to that being offered, will I receive one?

A – Yes we will be giving our Pint glass to all attendees who signed up before 8-31.


Q – After September 1st what will happen to the pricing and other incentives?

A – Unfortunately they will be going away, and will not be offered past 8-31.