Hobby comes to Dragon Fall

Hobby Time

Each year we are amazed at the quality of armies that everyone brings to the event. We honor these with a Best Painted and Players Choice award, but felt like we could do more to bring a focus on this great work. We wanted to bring out the best painting and modeling artist that we could find, so we have created the Dragon Slayer painting competition. We are awarding $500 in cash to the winner as well as the Dragon Slayer Axe. Sound like fun? Head over and read more about it.

We also figured that you might want to learn how to up your hobby game. We all want to filed a better looking army. To help you out, we have arranged several instructors to come out and cover a range of topics. These instructors are all award winners and eager to help you up your skill level. We might be tweaking the schedule a little bit, but we think that you will be very excited about what we have. You can read more here.