Huge announcement. Introducing the MIGHTY MAT

Huge announcement:

After much debating as what to do with our tables, we are now in full production of our own mats!

These mats will be exclusively used at this, and future, Dragon-Fall events.

A 6×4′ surface, this “Big Mouse Pad”material will not move or crease on our tables.  The woodland theme will really help all of the terrain on the tables POP.

As a part of the tabletop experience at our event, we are sure that you agree that Dragon-Fall will have some of the best tables and terrain in the area.

In addition, these finely detailed mats will be FOR SALE at the event.

You will notice that they are very similar to other mats in the industry, except that ours will cost SIGNIFICANTLY LESS!

Pricing and exact release schedule will be announced shortly. All mats will come with a carrying case!