Miniwargaming’s The Rangers: Bloodstone.

Dragon-Fall is excited to announce that our convention will be one of the sites for the showing of the full movie of Miniwargaming’s The Rangers: Bloodstone.

Aaron from Cool Guys Nation, who Executive Produced the movie, will be on hand to talk about the fun and challenges of producing a successful KickStarter backed film, before the showing.

For those that do not know: The Rangers: Bloodstone is a
A feature length fantasy film about the epic journey of a ranger, determined to rescue his daughter from the hand of evil Outlanders.…/Fantasy-SheElf-Sharia-Gethy…

We have 2 showings at Dragon-Fall on Saturday October 20th @ 6:30 and 8:30 respectively.

Sign up today, tickets are VERY LIMITED and are only $2.00 with the purchase of a weekend badge!