The 9th Age

The 9th Age

The 9th Age at Dragon Fall –  Onw Day Event- $20.00


10:00 am – Check-in
11:00 am – Dice Roll/Round One Starts
8 pm – Approximate Finish

Age Requirements: Over 18


This is a one day, 3 round event.
2500 point armies will be used.
We are excited to have our Fantasy judges back from last year.

This year we have even more prizes!  Based on the feed back from last year, we will be raffling all the prizes to those present after the last round.   We will also have Trophies for our winners.  This will include- Best General, Best Painted, Overall Winner (and  more).  Don’t miss this special event!

Tournament Rules:

We will use the 9th Age Core Rules latest version.

Tournament Missions:

Dragon Fall 2016 Ascension v1