Warhammer 40K Championship Two Day Event- $55.00

Warhammer 40K




8:00 am – Check-in
9:00 am – Dice Roll/Round One Starts
6 pm – Approximate Finish


8:00 am – Announcements
8:30 am – Dice Roll / Round Four Starts
2:30 pm – Approximate Finish
2:45 pm – Approximate Awards

Age Requirements: Over 16


This is a 2 day ITC tournament with 5 games over 2 days.
Play on our gorgeous terrain that has made us famous and win some our fabulous trophy’s and awards!
Space is limited, these will go quick.


We are continuing to grow our prize support but we still have a converted army from Mike Butcher, several battalion boxes, and much more. We had great success with the prize raffle last year, so again this year all of the prizes will be raffled to those present after the last round.  These door prizes are not tied to placing in the tourney, you have a chance of winning them just for showing up.

In addition to the above, we will have Fantastic Trophies for our top winners.  Categories will be similar to last year’s (Best Overall, Best Appearance, Best General, Best Sportsmanship, The Rogue Trader, Last Chance Hero, and Players Choice)  Heck, that is a lot of AWARDS!

Tournament Rules:

DragonFall – 8th Edition Guidelines v1.6

Tournament Missions:

ITC New Missions V1.4