Warhammer 40K Team Friendly- $45.00 / Team

Warhammer 40K




8:00 am    Check-in
8:50 am     Table Assignments
9:00 am     Round 1
11:30 am – 12:45 pm   Lunch / Paint and Theme Judging
1:00 pm     Round 2
3:15 pm      Break
3:45 pm     Round 3
6:15 pm      Awards


Age Requirements: Over 16


Do you love the chaos and fray of 4 armies per table fought over beautiful themed terrain?

Do you love playing 40k with a buddy but aren’t looking for hardcore 40k?

This team tournament doesn’t aim to use comp to restrict what type of army you bring, but rather we give guidelines and review the lists ahead of time to ensure that the armies are about the same level.  This gentlemen’s agreement, all players are to submit their team’s lists (must be submitted by September 30th, 2017 to fyrblckdragon@gmail.com). These will be printed out and attached to your rules packets at event registration.

This event will follow the Matched Play style of 8th edition Warhammer 40k, with 1250 points per player / 2500 per team list submitted ahead of time for review.

Tournament Pack:

Team Tourney Rules Packet V0.2

Tournament Missions:

Team Tourney Mission Packet


Can you provide more information on the team army creation?

Is it:
– Each player is limited to 1 Battalion and 1 Other detachment, or
– The entire army consists of 1 Battalion and up to 1 Other detachment.

If the latter, is it:
– Each player can be in control of any units from either detachment, as long as it’s up to 1250 points, or:
– Each player controls a detachment of units.

For example, say my team has the following Space Marines list:

Tactical Squad
Tactical Squad
Tactical Squad
Assault Squad
Devastator Squad


Can Player 1’s list include, say, the Captain, Chaplain, Techmarine, Whirlwind, and two Predators (ie, units from either detachment), while Player 2’s list has all the other units? Provided both add up to 1250, of course.

Or, is it that Player 1 controls the Battalion, and Player 2 controls the Spearhead?

The entire army consists of a battalion and up to one detachment, and each player controls 1250 points of units. So yes, a player could control 1250 in support units, while the other moves up with troops and transports.

The list example below looks like the lists I’ve seen submitted.

The idea is “play with a buddy” 40k.  And role specialization.  Someone may focus on forward units, while someone focuses on backline, for example.

Hope that helps!