X-Wing – Dry Day on Klatooine – $5.00

X-Wing Land Battle


Friday Night


7:00 pm – Check-in
7:30 pm – Dice Roll/Round One Starts
10:00 pm – Approximate Finish


Age Requirements: Over 16



Join the battle for control of the desert world of Klatooine!

The Empire plans to gain control of the troublesome desert world by seizing control of its’ most valuable resource: Water. A ground and aerial assault is key to the Empire’s plan; a sizable force of AT-AT walkers and attack ships is assembled. Knowing the Importance of Klattooine to the Empire, the Rebel Alliance has sent what Starfighters it can spare to bolster the small, but plucky, garrison of unreliable scavenged Clone War AT-TEs.

Who will prevail???

This uses modified X-Wing rules for up to 16 Players – 8 Empire and 8 Rebels (Any Scum players will be assigned as needed to fill out rosters)

Each player needs to bring: Squadron of no more than 100 points* all dice, dials, templates, cards, etc. to play their squadron.

All additional materials (AT-AT Models, Air-Land Rules, etc.) are provided by the GM

Game held on two 6’X4’ tables


Tournament Rules:

Full Details on Air-Land Rules, Squadron Parameters, etc. will be provided in read ahead Player Packets; thematically this game is set in a pure Empire vs. Rebel environment (Scum will be by GM approval) and is intended to be fun and challenging over uber-competitive.

Dry Day on Klatoonie X-Wing Mission Pack v1