Arena Rex One Day Event- $10.00


4 pm – Tentative

Age Requirements: Over 16


Calling all Gladiators!

Come battle for the DragonFall 2018 Rudis at the Arena Rex Tournament!

This will be a six card event with a minimum of 3 rounds. Rounds will run approximately 75-80 minutes.

Gather your cohorts and come fight for glory and honor! Prizes for all attendees!

Tournament Rules:

– Each round will be a unique scenario pitting you not just against your worthy opponent but against the arena.  Scenarios will be presented prior to each round.  Scoring for the round is as follows:

4 points for tabling your opponent before time is called. 0 points for the opponent.(Major Victory)

2 points to the player with the most “cards” left on the sands when time is called.  1 point for the opponent. (Minor Victory)

1 point for each player if they have the same number of “cards” left on the table when time is called. (Draw)

The player with the most Tournament Points at the end of the Tournament wins.  Tie breakers will be most Gladiators defeated, followed by most Gladiators defeated by hazard, follow by strength of schedule.


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