We are excited to have so many wonderful artists at Dragon Fall so we thought that you would love to hear more about them. 


Shoshie Bauer

Shoshie Bauer is a internationally known award winning painter and teacher. Shoshie received her BA in Studio-art and painted professional watercolors prior to switching to miniatures full time in 2013. In 2013 she received her Reaper Bones 1 Kickstarter rewards which jumpstarted her obsession with miniature painting into a full time career. She was further encouraged when she won awards at Privateer Press’s P3 Grandmaster Painting competition and Best in Show at Con on the Cob in 2014. Since then she has placed with several competitions with medals and awards at shows such as Crystal Brush and World Expo. She has taken classes from many international award winning painters. Since then Shoshie has cultivated a wide social media presence and begun sharing her knowledge through both live-streaming on Twitch and teaching at workshops what she has learned.


Drew Drescher

Drew has been an avid war gamer and miniatures painter since the age of 12 when he encountered West End Games’ Star Wars Miniatures Battles game on a family trip. His painting career began in earnest in the early 2000s when hebegan entering the Golden Demon painting competition.

 Over the next several years he earned 6 Golden Demons, 5 Crystal Brushes, and a PP Grand Master trophy in addition to various local and regional events. Drew currently operates a modest studio painting for companies such as Ninja Division, Pandasaurus Games, and CMoN as well as private collectors.



Sam Lenz

With heavy metal in one hand and heavy metal in the other hand, I’ve been creating art all my life. Miniatures have always been a part of that and in 2009 I was motivated to push it further by winning a Golden Demon. Now I’ve been learning and practicing all I can. It’s been years and I’d like to share what I’ve learned. 

Adam Huenecke

A former U.S. Army tanker and college instructor, Adam Huenecke has won numerous Privateer P3 Painting Competition trophies and several Crystal Brush awards.

Jeff Bowden

Jeffrey has been passionate about miniatures for over 25 years. Always striving to improve and compete at the highest level, he has won numerous awards including 8 Golden Demons and the 2009 Chicago Slayer Sword.