Infinity Narrative Event – $10.00


9 AM Check In

10 AM – 6 PM Game Time!

Age Requirements: Over 16


Three round, two list, Infinity event. 

177 years into the future, Japan has just seceded from their Yu Jing oppressors and formed their own nation. Their army took considerable losses during this uprising. A new government has been built around the Emperor as the central figurehead. The future of this new nation is dependent on its ability to stabilize its regions and on the relationships built with their allies during the uprising. Several nations want to see Japan succeed, while other wish to see them fail and be crushed.

Intelligence reports that a courier with important information regarding the Japanese government and troop movements is passing through space station Monoceros. Your force has been dispatched to the space station and tasked with validating the intel and resolving the situation appropriately if confirmed.

Tournament Rules:

Note: Three color minimum painting rules apply to this event.

Missions will not be released prior to the event. Bring lists that can handle anything.


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