Warhammer 40K Gentleman’s Tourney – $10.00



Tentative Schedule:


Exact Time TBD

Approximate 9am  – 5 pm 


Age Requirements: Over 16


Are you new to 40k? Have you been away from the hobby for a while? Do you like
competitive games, but hate bringing a knife to a gunfight? Is having a close, tough fight more important to you than winning? If you answered yes to any of the above, then this is the tournament for you!

This tournament doesn’t aim to use comp to restrict what type of army you bring, but rather we give guidelines and review the lists ahead of time to ensure that the armies are about the same level, not beat-stick, but not without some fangs. This is a 3 round, 1500 point Matched Play tournament. Missions will be posted early, and all missions are multi-objective.

As the title suggests, this is a tournament will Sportsmanship in primary focus.  What that translates into:
  • 2 Detachment Max, one must be a battalion or brigade
  • Primarchs and big stuff allowed, but keep it reasonable.
  • There will be Best Faction awards (Imperium, Xenos, Chaos), Warmaster (Best General), Sportsmanship, and Overlord (Overall), The Gentleman, and Paint/Theme.
  • Sportsmanship is worth half your score – just make sure you and your opponent are having fun.  Paint and Theme are a quarter, so keep in mind winning all your games is not important for all but one award.
  • Lists expected ahead of time, and reviews will be enforced even if you don’t submit ahead for any reason.  This means you may lose units/wargear if you don’t get pre-approval, so PLEASE submit ahead of time.
  • All swag is raffled.
  • To the gentlemen’s agreement, all players are also allowed to have two army lists (must be submitted by September 1st to fyrblckdragon@gmail.com).  These will be printed out and attached to your rules packets at event registration.  Two lists are not required, but suggested!   


Tournament Pack:

Gentlemens Tournament Packet v1.0

Mission Pack:

Gentlemen Missions v1.0

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