Infinity 1 day event –  $15.00

Day: Sunday

8 am – Check-in

9 am – Dice Roll/Round One Starts

4PM- Event Ends

Age Requirements: none


Moondoggy’s Big Brass Ball Challenge


This is a NON ITS tournament as such there are several changes though it will use ITS scenarios and rules other than where noted below.


The three scenarios we will play in order will be

1-      Emergency transmission

2-      Nimbus zone

3-      Supplies


You will make up one list specifically for each scenario and they will have the following restrictions

  1. Combined your 3 lists may not exceed 1000pts and 36pts of spec ops
  2.  Each list must be at least 150 pts
  3.  You can have up 36 spec ops spread though the 3 lists but their combined XP may not exceed 36xp and each spec ops must have at least 1xp spent on each of them


– There may be a wide variety of terrain and we may be using area affect terrain rules on some of the boards so come prepared to fight in any sort of terrain or board.

– Have fun – More than anything this is to have a good time and have fun so roll dice have some drinks move some minis and have some fun.


Army lists and questions can be sent to

Other ITS Rules can be found at