We are in search of “Centerpiece” quality terrain features to use at our event.

Entrees will be judged, and prize support given for the Best Overall Terrain feature in a system.

That includes:

For Warhammer and Warhammer 40K:  Centerpiece should be no bigger than a 15″x 12″ item.  LOS blocking terrain encouraged!

(Quick Note- Don’t attempt to park a 6 foot long Tyranid Hive Ship on our tables, and expect it to stay.  We need to play on these tables after all.  Please restrict size to above specifications)

For Warmachine/ Hordes:  Specifics TBA

Judging will be by both Staff and Participants of the Events to determine winner.

If there are questions about your entree, we encourage you to get in touch with us PRIOR to the event to avoid confusion as to what will and will not be allowed.


The Dragon-Fall Team