Dragon Fall 40K Championship: The Best of the Worst

Main Room


Are you really a brilliant 40K general, or is it your net list that carries you to victory after victory?

The 2019 Dragon Fall 40K Championship will be a five (5) round tournament using 1650 point (two detachment) armies. The overall winner and all placings will be determined using Battle Points. Prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers, with additional prizes awarded during the fifth round to random players. You will be challenged to write the worst legal 1650 point list you can devise (where worst = cannot possibly be expected to win) and then go on to win with that very list, demonstrating that you are, in fact, a brilliant 40K general. [T.O./Head Judge: Jason Lippert]


NOTE: This will award ITC points, but will not use ITC missions.


Dragon Fall 40K Championship: The Best of the Worst –  $50

Schedule (Subject to Change):


7:30 am – Check-in
8:00 am – Dice Roll / Game 1 Starts
10:30 pm – Paint Judging
11:30 pm – Game 2
2:00 pm – Break
2:30 pm – Game 3
5:00 pm – Day 1 ends


7:30 am – Check In
8:00 am – Dice Roll / Game 4 Starts
10:30 am – Break
11:00 pm – Game 5
1:30 pm – Games End
2:00 pm – Awards


Age Requirements: Over 16