Kings of War GT

Main Room


The 2019 Dragonfall GT is a 2,200 point Kings of War five-game grand tournament, held over Saturday and Sunday.
In addition to the core 2,200pt army, each player will get to craft their own unique Dragon hero to join their forces! Scoring for this event will be using the graduated victory method, where not just winning but the strength of your win determines the amount of victory points awarded.
Players will compete both on and off the table for the chance to win Dragonfall’s legendary Dragon Trophy and be name the Dragonlord (best overall). In addition, players can also fight to be proclaimed the Red Dragon (best general), Silver Dragon (best painted), or Copper Dragon (best sport).

Kings of War GT – $30



8:30 am – Check-in
9:00 am – Dice Roll / Game 1 Starts
11:30 am – Lunch
12:30 pm – Game 2
3:00 pm – Break
3:30 pm – Game 3
6:00 pm – Wrap Up



8:30 am – Check-in
9:00 am – Dice Roll / Game 4 Starts
11:30 am – Break
12:00 pm – Game 5
2:30 pm – Break
3:00 pm – Awards


Rules Pack:

Dragonfall GT 2019 Player Pack rev1.0