Late War Flames of War Tournament

Main Room


Late War – 100 pts – Sponsored by Grognard Games!

For scenarios we’ll use the Breakthrough Assault Expanded Mission Table. A common die roll will be used to determine the scenario for all players.

Armies can be created using the Fortress Europe, D-Day American, and D-Day German books.

Flames of War One Day Tournament – $10



9 am Start

2.5 Hour rounds

Age Requirements: Over 16

Players will be given the opportunity to build up to two boards for the tournament 20 spots (ten tables) are available

Prizes for:
• 1st Place Finish
• 2nd Place Finish
• 3rd Place Finish
• Best Board
• Best Painted Army
• Best Sportsman

Scoring is according to the standard Battlefront rulebook, Sportsmanship will be used as a tiebreaker.

Please use Forces of War to create your lists. (Command cards can be written in if you want to save the $3)

Please send lists one week prior to

Info Pack:

FOW Packet