Infinity – Midwest Massacre

Main Room



Sign up will occur in teams of 3 players.  Each Player will be required to purchase a badge.  Only one player need sign up for the team and pay the team fee of $90.

Each player will be participating in the same 300 point ITS tournament.  Pairings will be posted by team. Each pair of teams will then determine the individual match ups as described below.  Team member Tournament Points, Objective Points, and Victory Points will be combined to create the team score. There will be both an individual ITS winner and an overall team winner.


Midwest Massacre – $90

Schedule is tentative


9:00 am – Check-in
10:00 am – Dice Roll / Game 1 Starts
12:15 pm – Lunch
1:00 pm – Game 2
3:15 pm – Break
3:45 pm – Game 3
6:00 pm – Wrap Up


9:00 am – Check-in
9:30 am – Dice Roll / Game 4 Starts
11:45 pm – Lunch
12:30 pm – Game 5
2:45 pm – Wrap Up
3:00 pm – Awards

Age Requirements: Over 16
Game Pairings:
Teams will be paired together each round.  The first round will be random.  Each subsequent round will be Swiss pairings based on total team scores.  The players from both teams will announce their factions. Each team will nominate an overall LT from their combined lists to make a WIP roll.  The LT used for this roll must be the LT of a list played during this round (in the event that the controlling player has two lists with differing LTs).  The team that wins the LT WIP roll will determine the first match up between their team and their opponents.  The opposing team will then choose the second match up.  The final match up will be determined by default.