Warhammer 30K Two Day

Main Room


Fight during the Horus Heresy.  Brother vs. Brother.

Warhammer 30K One Day – $30


Tentative Schedule:


8:00 am – Check-in
8:30 am – Dice Roll / Game 1 Starts
11:30 pm – Lunch / Leave out armies for paint judging
12:30 pm – Game 2
3:45 pm – Game 3
4:30 pm – Game 3
6:45 pm – Day 1 ends


8:30 am – Check In
9:00 am – Dice Roll / Game 4 Starts
11:00 am – Lunch
12:15 pm – Game 5
3:45 pm – Awards



Alright fellow hobbyists. Here is a partial rundown of the rules for the tournament. Full rules will be added soon.

  • 3,000 points army
  • Armies must be comprised from a single Age of Darkness force organization
  • No optional Age of Darkness force organization are allowed
  • Allies are not allowed.
  • All armies must be comprised entirely from a single legion/Faction.
  • Players have a maximum of 750 points that they may spend on Lords of War’s.
  • Fortifications are not allowed.
  • War machine detachments are not allowed at this comp
  • No super heavy walker can be larger than a Imperial Knight variant (e.g. no Warhound Titans allowed)
  • Primarch’s are allowed
  • Rites of War are allowed, and must be picked and submitted when your army list is submitted
  • Relics of the Dark Age of Technology are not allowed
  • Only HH units and models allowed.
  • Shattered Legions are not allowed

If there are any units that are deemed legal by our restrictions but not mentioned in the above list please contact us and we will evaluate it.


Mission Pack:

Horus Heresy Packet