Dragon Fall 40K Doubles Friendly

Main Room


This is a two day, 5 round 3000 point per team Matched Play event.  Lists should be submitted for review (30 days prior to event) to fyrblckdragon@gmail.com.

This event is true “40k with a friend.”  No restrictions on who plays what models, but each team mate should control roughly “half” of the list.  Rounds will be 4 hours to allow for the increased length of time it takes to play with 4 generals.  Event will run 8a-11p Saturday, and 9a-7p on Sunday.


Dragon Fall 40K Doubles Friendly  – $40 / team

Schedule (Subject to Change):


8:00 am – Check-in
9:00 am – Dice Roll / Game 1 Starts
1:00 pm – Lunch
2:00 pm – Game 2
6:00 pm – Dinner
7:00 pm – Game 3
11:00 pm – Wrap Up


8:00 am – Check-in
9:00 am – Dice Roll / Game 4 Starts
1:00 pm – Lunch
2:00 pm – Game 5
6:00 pm – Break
7:30 pm – Awards


Age Requirements: Over 16

Event Rules:

As the title suggests, this is a Friendly tournament.  What that translates into:

  • Minimum 2 detachments, Max 4, one must be a battalion or a brigade, the detachments do NOT need to share keywords
  • Big Stuff encouraged
  • No Primarchs
  • There will be Best Faction awards (Imperium, Xenos, Chaos), Warmaster (Best General), Sportsmanship, and Overlord (Overall), plus some focused awards – Headhunter, Tactician, and Charger
  • Sportsmanship is worth half your score – just make sure you and your opponent are having fun
  • Lists expected ahead of time, and reviews will be enforced even if you don’t submit ahead for any reason.  This means you may lose units/wargear if you don’t get pre-approval, so PLEASE submit ahead of time.
  • All swag is raffled.

Event Packet:

40K Friendly Doubles Packet v2


40K Doubles Missions v1