Warhammer 40k Gladiator


Facehammer SMASH!

Do you have what it takes to smash every internet list? Do you hate painting, and only want to exploit the lat- est and greatest chain combo? Tired of “comp” and want to play the game as written, with the world as your oyster? This is the event for you.

In addition to your normal asks (supplies, 5 copies of your list, rules, army, 6 objective markers), players must be prepared with a chess clock app, or physical chess clock. These games will be fast paced, and you will likely run out of time if you aren’t being efficient. Apps are free to $3, and physical clocks vary widely but start around $20.

This is a 4 round 2800 pt Unbound event. It will utilize the Matched Play restrictions, but there is no Battle Forged requirement. You of course may take detachments and utilize command points as normal.

WYSIWYG is extremely important for this event. Proxies and full conversions are frowned upon for this event. Rounds will be 2.5 hours, event will run 8a-11p.

*No List Restrictions.

There is no paint scoring, nor is their sports scoring. This event is purely focused on Battle Points and generalship, no soft scores. That being said, if any models are not 3 colors legal and based, they will be removed from play. In other words, base color, weapons picked out cleanly, and some accent col- or somewhere, with at least some sand or some clean solid color on the bases. This is doable with a rattle can, some craft paints and an afternoon – so no excuses.


Warhammer 40k Gladiator – $10

Schedule (Subject to Change):


8:00 am – Check-in
8:30 am – Dice Roll / Game 1 Starts
11:30 pm – Break
12:00 pm – Game 2
2:30 pm – Break
3:00 pm – Game 3
5:30 pm – Break
6:00 pm – Game 4
8:30 pm – Complete
9:00 pm – Awards


Age Requirements: Over 16

Event Rules:

Gladiator Packet