Dragon Fall 2019 Elmhurst, IL Oct 25 - 27


Shopping Cart Closes 10-16!!!!

Our shopping cart will be shut off on Tuesday 10-16 at midnight. No further event tickets will be sold after that with no exceptions. This is so we can configure and prepare the final layout of space for the BIGGEST Dragon-Fall EVER! We have over 9000 square feet of dedicated…

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Re-Roll to Benefit Charity

Re-Roll for Charity! We are excited to announce the availability of a Re-roll for all of our tabletop events over the weekend. This can be purchased at our Child’s Play Charity Booth. The overview for this is as follows: A re-roll can be used once per match, over the course…

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Miniwargaming’s The Rangers: Bloodstone.

Dragon-Fall is excited to announce that our convention will be one of the sites for the showing of the full movie of Miniwargaming’s The Rangers: Bloodstone. Aaron from Cool Guys Nation, who Executive Produced the movie, will be on hand to talk about the fun and challenges of producing a…

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