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Art and Painting

The Dragon Slayer Miniature Painting Competition returns to DragonFall 2023!
We were simply BLOWN AWAY with the entries from last year’s event. This is definitely turning into a highlight of our Charity Festival. We are also excited to have guest artist to help you improve your skills. 

Dragon Slayer Miniature Painting Competition

This prestigious competition includes five regular categories. Entry into the competition is FREE, with your weekend badge! The categories are:


  1. Single Miniature

  2. Vehicle/Beasts of War

  3. Squad

  4. Bust

  5. Open (diorama, duel, etc.)


Hobby Classes

We are fortunate to attract some of the best miniature painters and hobbyists in the US to our
Convention. As we are a smaller show, this is a great opportunity to enjoy smaller class sizes
and direct access to the teachers.

In the past, we have been fortunate to have some of the following guest teachers at DragonFall:

  • Sam Lenz

  • Tony Maravola

  • Cathy and James Wappel

  • Wicked Studios/ Mini Master Werks

  • White Metal Games

  • And many others

Exact Classes will be announced and put into the TableTop Registration page over the summer.
These classes do sell out quickly, and are limited so stay tuned for more details. We also enjoy the support of artists to help us determine the Dragon Slayer Painting Competition Champion.

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