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Unique Dragon Fall Events

A few of the other things that make Dragon Fall a fun time for all

Down But Not Out Contest

Known by other names like “Lemonade Raffle” and “Losers are Winners” our contest is free to enter for
all attendees of our tournaments.

Here is how it works: You played your best and things did not go your way. Bad dice happen, even to the best players. Have no fear because there is good news! All player losses are from rounds are put into a drawing for big prizes. Gift Cards from our Sponsors, Swag, raffle ticket entries. Who knows
what goodies the raffle will bring.

Just another way to have fun on DF weekend.


Cosplay Contest

We are excited to announce that we will have our 1 st Annual Cosplay contest at DragonFall this year.
Categories and more details will be revealed in the weeks to come.


One thing that we can disclose is that there absolutely will be a “Theme” category for this contest. If you Cosplay as a character from one
of our Games that we play (Warhammer 40K, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars etc), you will receive bonus points.

The other category that we can announce now is our “YoungBloods” category. As DragonFall is a family friendly show, bring your kids out to participate in this contest. Age is 15 and under for this category.

We are lucky to have an amazing judge that will champion this event for us. Papa Bear Cosplay from
Papa Bear Studios will be spearheading our efforts with this.

Papa Bear Chris’ incredible work has been featured on the Syfy’s Wire Creative Profile Feature.
He is sure to bring an amazing new event to DragonFall, and we are excited to have him.
We are looking forward to having the Greater Midwest Cosplay Community get involved with our
Charity Convention, and this event will be designed with them in mind.

Grim Dark Museum

We are super excited to announce our Grim Dark Museum!

From the disturbed and creative genius Italian Artist Florian Kschonek, he has generously designed a few pieces for our Exhibit at DragonFall.

This small collection will be on display at DragonFall over the weekend, and will be free to view with your weekend badge.

Having been to many events around the Midwest, we know there is a lot of talent in the area. We want to encourage people to bring out their like-minded collections.

Banners, weapons, armor, displays are all welcome!

We do have a limited amount of display case area available, so please let us know if you need your item behind glass. Advanced notice of bulky items is also appreciated.

If you're interested in displaying your “grim dark” item at DragonFall, please send an email to with a picture of that item.

This is just one of the many fun things to do at our Charity Gaming Festival this year!

Game On! Geek Out! Give Charitably.

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