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Hobby & Art Events

From the prestigious Dragon Slayer Miniature Painting Exhibition to a variety of hobby classes offered by our talented guest artists, the hobby area is definitely turning into a highlight of our Charity Festival.

Dragon Slayer Miniature Painting Exhibition

Welcome to DragonFall’s annual open painting exhibition, the Dragon Slayer awards.  Here is all you need to know about exhibiting in this thrilling event!


Entry into this competition is FREE with your weekend badge! 



There are 6 categories for entry into the Dragon Slayer exhibition:

  1. Individual Figure: Any single model of 54mm scale or smaller may be entered, either on a gaming base or display plinth.  

  2. Squad: 3-5 miniatures with a unifying theme of 54mm scale or smaller either on gaming bases or a single display plinth.

  3. Vehicles and Beasts:  This is meant for larger models, to be kept under 1/36 scale for traditional models/mecha or 54mm scale for wargames.  This category is for models such as Mecha, Dreadnaughts, Titans, etc.

  4. Army:  This category is open only to those participating in one of the many DragonFall events.  Armies will be judged at the tables as opposed to in the display case.

  5. Bust:  Traditional bust, waist up. No part of the bust to extend below the waist.

  6. Open:  This is an open category for any models or displays that don’t fit any of the other categories.  Duels, dioramas, larger scale figures and more are all welcome!


2023 Dragon Slayer Winner
Count Dooku & Magna Guard - Kyle Dalton

Judging Standards

Judging is always subjective.  Having a panel of multiple judges will help us keep that balanced.  Our judges will be looking at technical application and execution as well as color theory, composition, storytelling, and emotional resonance.  The judges will be available for feedback after the awards ceremony.  


Levels of Achievement

There are 4 levels of achievement of the Dragon Slayer:

  • Copper

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • and the one and only Dragon Slayer


As this is an open painting exhibition, your entry will be critiqued by our panel of judges and judged only on its merits, not against the other pieces.  This means that if the judges believe you achieved a gold standard on your piece, you will receive a gold placement, regardless of how it may stack up against the other pieces in the category. 

Of all the Gold medals given, one will be chosen to receive the Dragon Slayer axe.  This is the only time your piece may be compared to another piece in this exhibition.


We know you all will be putting some amazing pieces of art into the world and we can’t wait to see and showcase them!  It’s time to show the world how these dragons roar!


Hobby Classes

DragonFall has always strived to bring you classes and instructors to help you take the next step in your painting journey!  If you are just looking to bring your army up to a slightly better standard, or you want to learn how to take on painting competitions by storm, our instructors are here to help you reach your goals!


2024 classes will be announced soon These classes do sell out quickly so make sure you snag your spot!




We also enjoy the support of artists to help us determine the Dragon Slayer Painting Exhibition Champion.


Our 2023 Instructors

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