Warhammer 40K


DragonFall’s 40K Championship is one of our signature events.  Look for 5 games over 2 days.  champs will use GW Grand Tournament missions. Event will be judged by Adepticon’s Jason Lippert.  More details will be coming shortly before tickets go on sale.

40K Friendly 

A new format for DragonFall this year.  This Sunday event will be sponsored and run by Chicago’s Grim Dark Filthy Casuals Club and is not to be missed.  Missions and format will be coming soon, prior to tickets being sold. 


Age of Sigmar

The Dragon Fall Age of Sigmar tournament will be a 2-Day event. Each player will bring a 2,000-point (Battlehost) army comprised from the most recent General’s Handbook and Core rules.  Realm rules and realm spells will be in play and announced prior to the start of the round. Join us for this exciting 1v1, 5-game (2-Day) event.


Kings of War

The 2021 Kings of War Dragonfall GT is a five-game 2,200-point tournament featuring narrative scenarios waging war all over Pannithor. In addition to your core army, each player's army will be led by a powerful Titan, fully customized to your needs!


Bolt Action

Dragonfall is excited to host Bolt Action again this year.  Plan on 5 games over Saturday and Sunday.  Points and format TBA.

Roleplaying dice of various shapes and c

Role Playing Games

Lots of Role Playing Activity this year at DragonFall this year. DnD, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu and others.  We even have some unique DragonFall themed RPG events happening! 


Game Master’s- Want to run a RPG event, please let us know.   Earn credit’s off your badge if you GM with us.

Submit your event here.

Paint Brushes

Hobby Events

Painting and Hobby Seminars hosted by some of the most highly respected  artists in the industry.  Learn from the best and take your skills to the next level.  Individual classes and schedule will be announced soon.

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